Science is an Important Part of MES Curriculum
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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It sounded like a dangerous proposition at first, building and launching rockets in the classroom, but it turned out to be an effective application of the “air theory” that the 5th and 6th graders at Melbourne Elementary School have been studying. Karla Dement from the Izard County Cooperative Extension Service visited the campus, bringing her 4-H rocket building skills to demonstrate the theory, and the students had a little fun in the process. “They are simple cardboard tubes that fly with the help of jumping on an empty soda bottle,” Karla explains.

Science is an important part of the curriculum at MES, from theory to applied science, Beth Kratochvil comments. “Every grade level is being challenged and introduced to skills that will help them in everyday life,” Mrs. Kratochvil teaches coding to the students too. The day I visted the class, second and third graders were busy on the school’s chrome books.

We live in a digital age and technology plays a role in much of what we do every day. Even those who will not go on to become software engineers, students can benefit from understanding the fundamentals of programming a computer. Learning at the coding level can foster an important skill that shapes them to think logically and sharpens their common sense. In a lot of cases, has helped them apply what they have learned to getting more out of their smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices that now populate their lives. 

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