National School Counseling Week
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Monday, February 01, 2016
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What is a professional school counselor?

Ever find yourself wondering what Mrs. Adkisson, Mrs. Vickery, and Mrs. Cooper do as Professional School Counselors? Here are just a few of the services we provide to our students and their families:

Work with students to encourage a safe and respectful school climate

Deliever classroom lessons that follow the frameworks established by the American School Counselor Association and address the areas of academic success, personal/social skills, and future career planning

Work with students as a whole class, in small groups, and individually as needed

Collaborate with teachers, families, administrators, and other community stakeholders to solve problems and advocate for student needs

Maintain confidentiality with students and families unless there is a need for other professionals to be involved to ensure safety

Maintain accurate information about a student, make referrals to community organizations when appropriate, and provide an equal playing field for all students to be successful learners.

These are  just a few of the things we do!! Most of all, we love our students and seek everyday to make school a positive place for students and their familes. Don't hesitate to contact your child's counselor if needed. We love to help! 

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